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DNA Replication<br> DNA Repair<br> DNA Recombination<br> DNA Damage Response
DNA Replication
DNA Repair
DNA Recombination
DNA Damage Response

    DNA is a building block for entire the genome and encodes genetic codes, which determine almost every aspect of life. In some cases DNA could be damaged by endogenous asserts such as replication errors and oxidation stresses or exogenous challenges such as radiation or toxic chemicals.

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An Annulative Synthetic Strategy for Building Triphenylene Frameworks by Multiple C-H Bond Ac... Mathew BP, Yang HJ, Kim J, Lee JB, Kim YT, Lee S, Lee CY, Choe W, Myung K, Park JU, Hong SY. Angew...

SHPRH regulates rRNA transcription by recognizing the histone code in an mTOR-dependent manner Deokjae Lee, Jungeun An, Young-Un Park, Hungjiun Liaw, Roger Woodgate, Jun Hong Park, and Kyungjae Myun...

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